Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Welcome! I’m Cat Spaulding, journalist and author of the blog Cat Spaulding on the Down-low. As the title of that blog implies, I’m interested in important stories that, for one reason or another, fly under the radar. As a writer, I’m also fascinated by trends in the literary marketplace. My interest in down-low stories recently intersected with my ongoing involvement in the literary marketplace after reading a novel, John Lennon and the Mercy Street Café, by William Hammett.

The novel presents the world’s greatest counterculture musical icon in his search—yes, “the search” is always present in cult fiction—for atonement, revelation, hope, and belief in something beyond the three-dimensional world as he finds himself standing in Grand Central Station in 2006, unaware that he’d been assassinated in 1980. It is a road trip novel that, speaking personally, summons me to its pages again and again to read a paragraph here, a page there, to continue assimilating its metaphysical residue of politics, sexuality, history, music, spirituality, and philosophy. And that is what all cult books cause us to do: keep the worn paperback on our “go to” bookshelf so that we may enter its pages at any time as we continually ponder our own journeys, our own personal narratives.

William Hammett, a successful ghostwriter whose work has been favorably reviewed in Publishers Weekly, had penned under his own name one of the most unusual novels I’d ever read, and although it had been published by a small press, people were beginning to talk about it. It had also found its way into the hands of authors, celebrities, and well-known musical figures, some who are (or had been) associates of the Beatles. I continued to do research on the book’s distribution and found that the story was even more incredible than I thought. This website is about what I learned.


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