Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Emerging Writers in the Literary Marketplace

Most Literary agents naturally keep a keen eye on what is currently being published. They also, as time permits, read many of the literary journals listed below. What follows are debut fiction titles from 2009, plus major literary journals where fiction written by talented young authors may be found. Perhaps some will author breakout or cult fiction.

The following list represents books published by small and independent presses, as well as major publishing houses. All have received reviews by publications such as Booklist, Publishers Weekly, or the New York Times Review of Books.

Beg, Borrow and Steal (Michael Greenberg, Other Press)
Blood Kin (Cedric Dovey, Viking)
A Case of Exploding Mangoes (Mohammed Hanif, Knopf)
Child 44 (Tom Robb Smith, Grand Central)
The Farther Shore (Matthew Eck, Milkweed)
The Girls and Three Brothers (Theresa Rebeck, Shaye Arehart Books)
How the Soldier Repairs the Gramaphone (Sasni Stanasi, Grove Atlantic)
My Name Is Will: Sex, Drugs, and Shakespeare (Jess Winfield, Twelve)
Occupational Hazards (Jonathan Segura, Simon and Schuster)
Red River Fever (Rudy Pittman, Booklocker)
A Richer Dust (Amy Boaz, Permanent Press)
Sun Going Down (Jack Todd, Touchstone)
Swan Dive (Michael Burke, Pleasure Boat Studio)
The Well and the Mine (Gin Phillips, Hawthorne)
When Autumn Leaves (Amy Foster, Overlook)

A complete listing of the very best literary journals may be found at New Pages.Com. Below are some of the older, more prominent journals that have produced some of the world's most noted authors:

The Antioch Review

Black Warrior Review

The Hudson Review

The Kenyon Review

Many Mountains Moving

The Paris Review

Prairie Schooner

The Sewanee Review

The Southern Review


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