Friday, October 2, 2009

The Beatles' Press Secretary: Derek Taylor

Hammett’s influential friend sent his novel to someone else in the Beatles’ inner circle. His friend been good friends with the Beatles’ press secretary, Derek Taylor, and often met him over lunch. She thought it a good idea to send John Lennon and the Mercy Street Café to his widow. It never hurts, she reasoned, to send the book to anyone who is or was integral to a story’s subject.

“I could hardly believe that my friend had been so close with Derek Taylor," Hammett told me. "The novel was sent to Mrs. Taylor, and she replied by saying how grateful she was to have a copy, which she would treasure and keep in a place of prominence. That kind of response from a friend of the Beatles is hard to beat.”

Once again, I was amazed at the way this novel was being disseminated and promoted. It was on the down-low, but it was finding its way into the right hands.


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