Thursday, October 15, 2009

John Lennon and the Mercy Street Cafe: Looks Like Cult Fiction to Me

My conversations with William Hammett, author of John Lennon and the Mercy Street Café, were over. More than ever, I was left feeling that the novel was an extraordinary piece of work. People who like fantasy and the Beatles are the target audience, although I think, as noted earlier, that the book has demonstrated a cross-genre appeal. Small presses, however, have a very tight promotional budget (if any) and Hammett has had to do the promo himself, some of which was described in earlier articles (see index or site navigation).

I am convinced that the book will be around for a while and that it is one of those rarities that just might attain the status of cult fiction. It continues to be disseminated and discovered in unusual ways. It elicits strong reactions from readers, who like its message of hope and counterculture leanings. Like cult fiction before it, the novel finds its way into the hands of readers by an indefinable inertia, after which people use both word-of-mouth and the Internet to pass along the title.

John Lennon is still alive in the pages of this book. It will now be a sociological experiment to see whether or not this book does indeed have the staying power to break out into a wider market. A well written book on John Lennon by a professional writer? My bet is on this solid tale by William Hammett, who I thank for his time in answering so many questions.


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