Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Reading: John Lennon and the Mercy Street Cafe

With John Lennon and the Mercy Street Cafe scheduled for eBook release (Kindle, Nook, and iPad) in the first or second week of June, 2011, readership is expected to rise over the summer months. Additonally, I've learned that professors have requested review copies of the book to submit to their English departments for curriculum approval in anticipation of assigning the novel in the summer and fall. This is the second year that the novel has gained notice from academia. Paperback sales recently increased as well, which may indicate that many vacationers taking to the highways this summer will use the book as a "beach read."

As stated in many other articles on this site, such gradual escalations of a book's visibility is a prime indication of how a book can gain an immense following over a period of years and eventually be regarded as a "cult classic."

More news on the eBook versions of John Lennon and the Mercy Street Cafe when the the novel is available in e-format on Amazon, B&N, and at the Apple Bookstore.



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